Once you have joined AWCP, you are considered a newcomer for the first year.   As a newcomer, you get to join more things! We have special events to welcome you to the club and to Manila!  We hope to make new ladies feel welcome and appreciated.  Below are some of the events the Hospitality committee hosts. We also offer to any new lady that needs it, a tutorial in maneuvering around Manila, whether it be where to shop, how to find a dressmaker, where to get your hair done, etc. A guided tour of Kalaayan has proven helpful to many a new gal in town!

We have currently added Brunch Bashes and Game Day/Nights to our repertoire of hospitality endeavors. We are aware that we have several members who work and we, of course, want them to feel included and welcome. We will host Pokeno, Mahjong, Euchre, Bunco or various card games, whatever else the ladies might be interested in. Please see the Activities for the schedule.

Newcomers Coffee Morning 

This happens at a coffee shop or another member's house. Simply bring yourself for a chat and meet other newcomers and our board members. Board members will share information with you from their experiences!  (monthly meeting date subject to change)

Newcomers Quiz Night

Bring your spouse/partner! This night event is a great opportunity for you to introduce your spouse/partners to your friends and life in the Philippines! 

Ambassador's Cocktail

We collaborate with the U.S. Ambassador and the residence hosts a cocktail night for us. 

Spontaneous Events 

Anything that brings newcomers together to meet other members and have some fun! 

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