Blood Donor Program

What is the AWCP Blood Donor Program? Take a moment to learn about the
who, what, where, when, how, and why's and the rationale supporting this 26-year old program. 

While hospitals DO have safely screened, stored blood, and strictly adhere to the WHO standards, hospitals DO NOT "bank" all eight blood types. To use a colloquial Manila phrase: not all blood group types are kept "in stock". Therefore, when a hospitalized patient needs a blood transfusion OF ANY TYPE, it falls to the resources of the patient and his or her family to find a healthy willing friend as a donor with a matching blood type. 

What if that patient is YOU or your immediate family? You are an ocean away from those who might be able to donate for you. Clearly now the "whyquestion of our blood donor's program is answered. AWCP members and spouses can agree to have their names included in the donor's listing by simply checking "YESon their membership form, by an e-mail to the AWCP office.

How does the AWCP program work? Through telephone, via cell phone text and e-mail. The committee receives an e-mail about an EMERGENCY need from either a member or from the larger association aptly named the Community Blood Line. They confer, and will begin contacting the list of volunteer AWCP members when it is deemed necessary. 

When might that be? Anytime, but usually not after 11:00 pm or before 7:00 am. They imitate calling or emailing when local hospitals cannot help, and when patents have little to NO network of family or friends who match the type of blood needed. While every need for blood is an emergency, NOT every need is critical or life threatening. Here is the kicker, ANY need for the RH negative (-) blood is almost NEVER "in stock". 

Who is at risk here? ALL those who have an RH negative (-) blood type. Because RH (-) is more common in the Caucasian ethnic groups than in the Asian ethic groups, the very small percentage of asian population with RH (-) blood is also at risk. 

The AWCP program follows guidelines from a sound criteria jointly written by the U.S Embassy MD's and past AWCP members. The committee does their best to answer every request with appropriate help , with referrals, and with calls. We maintain frequent direct contact with the blood bank technicians while phoning.  

Frequently a matching donor who is HEALTHY cannot be found AT THE TIME OF THE NEED. While we have well intended sentiments, as a women's club we are not always the best suited as we face certain health concerns. Willing donors must be 24 hours free from recent Tylenol/ Aspirin/ Antihistamines/ Antibiotics/ Alcohol, and YES, pregnancy, lactation, menstruation. Maintenance medications such as those for cholesterol and high blood pressure figure in, as do recent travel immunizations. If the committee contacts you, expect to be asked many questions about your daily health. 

Thank you,

AWCP Blood Donor Committee  

Additional Information:

Blood Donor Brochure - Contains useful information on local hospitals, dengue & Rh-negative Factor blood type. 

Blood Type Chart - Know how your blood type can matched.  

AWCP Can Help You - Know how you can utilize AWCP to help you in your time of need for blood donation

For Blood Donation Inquires:  or call (02) 8817-7587 during regular business hours.
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